Feb 2, 2012

Awkward Moments at the Office

Lets make one thing clear. This all happened in one 8 hour work day. 

When your at a coworkers desk and he stares at your boobs for a solid 3 seconds and then says "nice sweater" while still staring at your chest.

When your mom(whom you work with) says to a group of people "I dont have anything" and I say "You've got me!!!" and a male coworker creepily says "Yeah, you're lucky."

When you borrow a vase from a coworker because you got your mom flowers and the coworker tells you your mom can keep the vase allllllll spring. Then asks if it's her birthday... No... No she got her  two weeks on Monday, these flowers were to brighten her day because she lost her job. You clearly are a in a high up position and don't pay attention with the minions are let go of.

When your mom says fuckhead at work.  Mom, I know you're going to read this. You're welcome, I hope this embarrasses you. Also, I love you.

When someone asks why you didn't put a question mark on the end of the following sentence: Guess who has been here for 38 years. Well dude, because its not a questions, it's a command. More awkward when he searches google only to find out I'm right. 

When your boss asks "How is Scott?" and you reply with "we broke up in November" and he argues that you didn't ever tell him that but you clearly remember your boss asking the same question at Christmas and you having the same answer.

Now let's be honest... these awkward moments get me through the day. They make life just a little more awesome... like say when all you want to do is print an address on a label and the copiers in the other room from where you press print and you fail 3 times in a row.

Do you have any awesome awkward work stories to tell?

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