Jan 31, 2012

Creative Blocks

Sometimes being in a creative block is a good thing because you find out exactly what you don't want to be doing. Sometimes its a horrible thing and even your mom notices you aren't getting stuff done. Thanks for that reality check mom, it opened my eyes a little bit further.

Then you read art journals, books, theory and you meet with you mentor and spend time making. You spend time just look at at all the stuff that you want to work with. Then you realize, I can do this and this will be fun.

I went into the studio and made some work I hated. HATED. Then I made something I liked. Did I love it? No. No, I did not. But I liked it and that counts for something. Eventually I'll make something I really like and I'll work from there. I just hope that happens in the near future.

So for all you creatives out there, quick slackin' and make shit happen.


  1. A big ol' creative block is the reason I dropped out of college. I just didn't know how to get around it. Now I think I know better, so maybe I should go back to school someday?
    You are so creative and talented, I know you can get around your block. Also, I love that quote so much.

    1. You make me feel better Kayla. Thanks. I hope I'm getting around this!

      Psh.... who needs school??? you get to wipe butts for like the rest of your life... or for like 2 years. or for more if you have more kids after this one.

  2. Bahaha seriously. I haven't created any new items in a while... like, at all this month. I've just been working on knitting blankets to take to the SPCA. Oh, did I mention that I didn't even get a thank you when I dropped off 13 hand-knit blankets? All she said was, "Oh, it must be blanket day... someone else just gave us a whole bunch."

    Huh. Well, yeah, no problem. Ha. I'm not taking the next batch to my SPCA, I'm taking them to the one in Cambridge because apparently those people use the words "THANK YOU".

    Hahaha that doesn't really have much to do with your post, but it has totally like... I dunno, bummed me out about making these things. But, they're for animals... not the mean people who work with them, ha.

    hahahaha I'm done ranting! Sorry!

    1. Vent girl! get it all out! lol I know what you mean, I kind of hate working really hard on something and not getting recognized. I feel this way at work all the time. I hope you get recognized next time!


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